Giving Up Hope

I have always faught to keep hope that someone will eventually love me like I see other couples do. I am a good person. I try to be nice and caring towards everyone. I love and get shot down, yet the jerks and players who only pretend to care about me get to find real love and I'm stuck being lonely. I've tried and tried. I've now come to the conclusion that love just isn't for me. I am meant to be alone in this life. No true friends and no real relationship... Sigh... I give up
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4 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Don't look for love when your lonely.
Look for love when you ready...

I promise you the players have not found real love they are just getting a booty call. The lack of real love in their lives will be the punishment for the way they treat women. Honestly though from reading your story you sound like a very unhappy person, you can never depend on another person for your happiness it must manifest from with in you. No one will ever be able to love you if you can't love yourself. Once you have a new found respect for yourself you will radiate and catch the attention of guys. Some tips try to join meet up groups there are meet up websites where people with similar interests go out and do things together, it's not a dating site. Find things you enjoy doing with other people you will make new friends who in turn will introduce you to more people. When you are happy and having fun and socializing you will appear more attractive and also realize that you control your own happiness and don't need to depend on someone else for it. The right person will come along and the best part is you'll be ready to love and be loved. Right now you can't love if you can't love yourself. I wish you well think outside the box reconnect with old friends, be willing to meet new people, and try new things.

I never said I didn't love myself, I've just given up on getting the love from someone else.

Hi, going through the same thing. i know how you feel. you are not alone in this.

Well I'll be your friend message me whenever u want I've never had a relationship so I know what that's like

Thanks :-)

Your welcome 😊