I Wish ,i Wish My Mother Understand Me.

At the moment, I feel lonely.Because My mother and I had a quarrel not too long ago.I am 17.Since I was about 13 till now,I was not happy at home because of the things that were not satisfied between me and my mother.I know it is not good to have a quarrel with mother.But I am just a simple guy-I have anger like you,I have greed like you so it can`t be possible to tolerate all the time.My father was passed away since I was young.So my mother has been both father and mother for me.I thank mother.I admire mother.I know mother is so tired to feed me,to wear me,to do all the things for me.In our country,such a developing country,life is so difficult.. The proverb "Life is Struggle" is the rightest one for us.Our government is Military Government.You may know how they are bad .You can do nothing against their policy.We have been living among difficulties.Basic standard people like us have no right against their policy except cronies .So now you will understand me.In such life,students like us have no part-time job to find the school fees ourselves.So mother has to work for me and for herself.She is so tired. Sometime she used to be angry with me.I understand her.I tolerated.Again,I tolerated . Again,again, ..................what should I do?I ,too, be unhappy.I have no happiness at home,in school,too. I feel so sorry.
I will be happy if you sympathy me.Thanks for your reading.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Everyone just needs one person to love them and understand them. Your mum does love you....as you get older you will find friends and a girlfriend who will understand you. Good luck.

I can understand. But just hold on, have hope. That's the only thing you could do. What about any relatives that live with you? Where do you live? Sometimes, something's create problem. Just look at the bright side, find one if there isn't .

Thank you friend. But my relatives are away from us.We live in Myanmar-you may know about the country or not. When I was young ,we moved to the new city where I am living now.SO all my relatives left in my native town.I have no one to share my feelings .Sometime I think should I have a girlfriend to share my feelings,my heart.But I can`t find no one who can understand me.All I need is just something or someone understand me.Thank you again for your comment friend and thank you for your attention to me.