Too Young For Love?

I do believe in love, but it took me awhile to see that love was real.
I grew up with parents who were always arguing, the way my father showed he loved me was by buying me gifts. Yes, i loved my parents and family but that was a different love. At school i had crushes but i guess i was not pretty enough to get noticed. Well eventually i started making guy friends but all they were after was lust. I had yet to see love. Well they say friendship usually turns into love, i guess i was just unlucky in my case. I became very good friends with guy, he thought i was smart so i helped him with homework. We spoke on the phone daily, he told me everything about him, and i was always there for him.
Soon enough i fell for him,and bad. Once he found out about my feelings he stopped speaking to me. I was heart broken i cried for day, my first real heart break. My mom said i was young and i still did not understand love.  Well i thought since my mom did not find love i would end up the same.  Well my mom has found love,  true love, and even though  her love for another man has taken her away from me, i want her to be happy.  Well now i believe in love its just a matter of finding someone who will truly love me and my flaws.
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18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 1, 2007

By yourself... otherwise, you are asking for disappointment...

Well , i'm that kind of girl, except that i love her.

Naw, you're not too young for love at all. But you are way too young to be hopelessly heart-broken. I was down for almost a year, and that was the worst time of my life... So try to move on, you'll soon find someone who loves you, I'm sure :D