A Common Title "Love"

 Does it hurt?

Or does it save?

Are you ready?

Or desprate?

The one.

Can he be trusted?

Trusted with my fragile heart?

It hurts to keep,

but you can't live without it.

The anxiouty,

the fears.

Which is more powerful?

Why me?

Must I always feel this way?

A strange touch occurs from this stranger.

A warm, comforting touch,

within boundaries of my heart,

never explored before.

As easy as holding a hand.

He sees,

sees the pain,

sees the hurt behind my cold eyes.

Fear knocks on my heart,

as he runs away,

runs for his life.

He can still save his,

I can't.

whatamitosay whatamitosay
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 26, 2009

beautiful poem. I love the emotions in it.