I have so much love to give, but no one wants to take it or share theirs with me. Why am I so hard to love? I take care of my man when I'm in a relationship and I can't even get an honest, "I love you."
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Maybe we should get to know each other......

same here & i am married :(

Keep your love until you find someone who deserves it. That's the problem with us... we want to share it so much, that too often, we give it to the wrong person. It's not a game to make someone prove that they're worthy. It's not too much to hold back for a few months. It's the exact opposite... if we're just giving it away, the line will be long... so long. But if we keep it to ourselves, for a while, only those who deserve it will be left. Just my opinion, being in the game for far longer than I would have liked. I've made the same mistakes... I've given it out... but gotten nothing in return, over and over. Ask the gals who have been there, and weed out the over-bitter suggestions. It's not our fault we're bitter, we've just been there lol. Make sure you make them work for it... better chance that you'll weed out the losers that way!

I wish that I knew what to tell you that would wipe away the pain you feel and at the same time cause all your worries to just disappear. And while I actually do have those words, chances are you won't believe me.

But here goes anyway.

1). Choose everyday to be happy.

2). Love yourself.

Do these two things everyday, day in, day out, and you will meet Mr. Awesome, I promise.

Let's see now if you believe me.......

howdy, people say, "i love you" and mean many things. try to get to the point that you are in love with yourself, accepting of your self (warts and all) and realize that you are being molded, strengthened and developed by this experience of life. it may be that you have a karmic debt to repay for cavalier attitudes and behaviors in previous experiences. i pray that you'll find what or who you seek. they may be involved elsewhere at the moment. nyu

Wait, losing someone takes time. Going into another relationship so soon may show how desperate you may be. Just wait someone may come and surprise you, sweep you off your feet and spoil you.

I have the same problems.just have to be optimistic. Ive been in love before and will be again. So will you,just be patient.:)

Just be patient. Good things come for those who wait. What easy comes easy goes.

Can I get 5 lbs of of love to go?
All joking aside, try to find the positive in your situation. The sooner you realize that a guy is not worth your time the sooner you can look for the guy that it's going to love you just as much as you love him.
Joking again. I'll give you one tip to help you find the right guy faster. If he doesn't like pizza just break up with him. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life :p
Wish you the best and hope that you find someone.

be with those who KNOW what they have, when they have YOU...

That's just sad and very unfortunate for such a lovely lady! don't worry, they're just undeserving of your love! :) 👍

Experiencing the same situation as well. I guess I'll accept the fact that I can't make him love me anymore

I know how you feel too. I have never been physically abused, but very emotionally abused. If you ever want to talk feel free to message me. I will listen, I know how that can feel...