I want to have a gf. I want someone to say I love you at school everyday. I want to say good morning everyday to da person I love. But for some reason that love doesn't find me. I'm not beautiful. I'm not good looking. I have been rejected many times. I hate my life. I'm chubby. But I can't find a girl my type who wants me. I wish I could have something like this. It would be nice.
IamDonatello IamDonatello
18-21, M
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Sometimes its better to be single than dating i wish when i was 14 i never started dating i was way to young and immature

U know for some reason I recognize you. Did u ever talk at a Sasha guy


relax..what are good at school for...then i will help u to get one.if u hv a nice voice.they like u the way u are trust me

save yourself the heartache stay single

No you don't 😂 they can be ******* 😂

Well u don't have to call them *******.

Wasent calling them exactly but yes some can be

Ur right

Thank you as of my ex is trying to get me turned in for harassment and stalking and she broke up with me

Ya i see u. My dad's ex wife did da same except only cjlhild abuse. He doesn't abuse strict punishment

See what I mean 😂

Ya I guess but where all like 13 to 14 I wouldn't call them girls *******

My gf was 14 😂

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