It's a Lot to Ask For But....please Will You?

I've always been a firm believer in love and it's magic. I believed that everyone gets it, whenever and however they want it!lol that was a long time ago. Since my younger days, I have learned a variety of things and not having love is one of them. It feels useless to tell anyone how you feel about it or ask why you don't have it. Love is so mysterious yet wonderful. I want it! I want someone to love me. Not a small love, but a true love. One that is caring, considerate, hopeful, and passionate! Yes it's a lot, but I would give the fact I would try my best to give more. Love requires much from both sides...I'm willing to give my 50 percent. I just havn't found the other half. I miss him although I've never met him. I want him, even though I don't know him. It's completely embarrasing to feel such a need for love...exspecially when EVERYONE says you don't need it. Why are they so afraid or scared? is there something I should know about love? I will agree I don't know all the terms, but I'm know more than what some do...yet...he is not here!

It's funny but somehow I feel like my love is going to rust if it sets here any longer! It hasn't been used in a good bit! (relationship wise, family and friend yes plenty of love for them!) But I want a relationship with a special someone. Someone to talk to, listen to, dance with, walk with, sleep with, sing with, fuss with (lol), makeup with, someone I can share my love with. I know that love isn't about one person recieving everything, I am willing to give myself! Is that not enough? how difficult it is to want something you cannot buy or control!!!

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3 Responses Jun 12, 2009

haha i feel the exact same way. But for me i feel stupid because it affects me so much and im a male. and ive also become a little cynical because most people i meet dont want a really deep strong meaningful relationship's true. Although, I'm not really sure how to stop no longer looking the same as no longer hoping for it each day?

Time is on your side and remember you find what you want when you stop looking......