I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who's motivated by a deep and insatiable thirst for love.  I'm not particularly proud to crave for it, not is it a consolation that it doesn't decrease with the years. 

My need for love is a bottomless pit with an infinite capacity.  There's always room for more.  I'm falling in love on a daily basis.

I wouldn't do everything to be loved but I go to great lengths. 

When someone I love turns his back to me, it can feel like I lost it all. 


Sometimes I envy the stoics that don't need anything at all to do what they have to do without any reward.  But my yearning is not a burden, it's just a bit silly, I think.

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20 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Gotcha! ..LOL... ;)

you remember what happened to Paris of try? <br />
you want a sixth world war?

An apple??? <br />
<br />
The complication among the three of us is what makes us special, More. ;)

...before I know, there's an apple in this game...

aren't you too complicated a trio for a country boy?

LOL! ! ! You do that and Bella and I would be all over you! Us girls take care of each other, just so you know.<br />
<br />
Just do gentle grabbing...

you're so right!<br />
do i have to grab then?

I understand... but the way I see it, if there's an opportunity, I grab it...it may not pass your way again.

't will be a short dance, that's why i hesitate...

Hesitating??? ..you're funny. :D<br />
<br />
It's like dancing...just ask her to dance with you...

she's not a friend (yet), I'm hesitating...

LMAO! ! !<br />
<br />
Ha! Can't handle both of us, ay? And you still have Taken to worry about...She's some fine lady, I tell ya. ;)

both of them at once???

Hmmm...serious today, are we? You need some fine lovin' from Bella and Sylph. =)

I didn't, Sylph...

What do you mean a relief?............you actually doubted me and Bella??? ;)

That's a relief, dearest Syplh!

*Bella and Sylph are not turning their backs on More*

you're right, Bellas, as always...

Not silly at all...We all have that need to be loved.<br />
<br />
How could you not feel lost/hurt if someone you love turns their back on you...