It Isn't Enough

I think I'm a Love addict!!! Until recently I never knew there was such a condition...they even have meetings (like AA). I constantly feel the need to be loved but I never feel I get it. I know (mentally) that I am loved by people but I don't feel it...if that makes any sense. I feel so alone and unloved and I can't overcome it. It kills because no matter what it's never enough. Never enough love, never enough attention, never enough affection, or never enough time spent. Will this need, this desire, this craving for love ever leave me? I wish it weren't different but I guess this is my cross to bear....

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

My husband has the same thing. he craves the feeling of new love...the actual proven high you get from it. when that hi leaves he moves to someone else... always comming back to me..its the newness of it . i dont know if it will ever go away...i hope so for both of our sakes

The only problem with an interest or hobby is I don't really have any. I've suffered with depression for several years so I haven't really been interested in anything. I started going to therapy and now that I am coming out of that state I'm discovering things I like. I really want to start doing some volunteer work! I also like painting but the pictures I painted looked pretty awful so I stopped. Thanks for the suggestions though!

I know the feeling my dear, maybe you should throw yourself into some thing you feel passionate about, it could be an issue in society or a hobby and trust me when u become the expert at whatever it is, u will feel loved! Success brings happiness and the feelin of being loved. The honest truth is, for the most part most the love you get in life from people is conditional. True love is only got from God and to some extent things we feel passionately about and that is only when we conquer and dominate our passions!

I have to agree with you. I do not think it will ever go away, because I know someone like how you describe yourself. Do you have hobbies or a career to involve yourself in? They will not make the pain go away, but it helps. Perhaps there are somethings from your childhood you need to face first before you can overcome this need.