I Want To Be Loved For Who I Am And Not For My Accomplishments Or Daring Deeds Of Valor.

Once upon a time, on the side of a tall mountain, there was a beautiful city occupied only by women.  One day, a handsome prince appeared at the gate, sitting on a snow-white steed.  His armour shone bright in the sun, and a long white plume arched magnificiently over his helmet.  As his horse snorted and reeled,  he shouted to the townswomen, "I have come to marry the princess of this fair city!"

The women were excited with the news and ran to tell the princess in the castle.  But when they arrived, she said to the women, "Yes, I saw him.  But I don't know...he looks a little silly in that long white plume.  Besides, I don't know if he's worthy.  Tell him he must first smite the evil troll that lives under our drawbridge before I will grant him marriage."

So the women told him.  Without hesitation, he rode to to the castle entrance, found the troll and struggled grimly with it.  Finally he smote it and, pulling himself wearily from the castle moat, he proceeded to walk again into the castle to find his princess.  Whe he saw her, he fell to one knee and said, "I have done as you bade me and killed the vile troll.  As a gentleman, I now ask for your hand, fair princess."

But the princess was startled by his rude intrusion, so she didn't bother to adknowledge the prince's deed.  "I'm still not sure of your worthiness," she said.  "There is something more you must do."

The prince answered, "Only name it, my princess."

"I want you to kill a dragon 12 leagues from here, and then to bring me the treasure that he stole from me many a year hence."

Silently, and with a wave of his plume, the prince left to perform the deed.  A week passed before the city gates again opened to him.  I his hands were the princess' treasure---he had defeated the greedy and terrible dragon.  So once more he approached the castle.  He lay his booty at the feet of the princess and decalred, "I have done this deed.  The dragon will bother you no more.  Now I humbly ask for your hand in marriage."

"So you think that my hand is so easily won?" chirped the princess.  "What is so great about this treasure when the army of the next kingodom threatens to take it all away at any moment?  If you truly desire my hand, you must destroy this constant peril.  Go and prove yourself!"  The prince looked up at the princess, and with a nod was off.

Many weeks now passsed, and the townswomen were greatly afraid that the prince would fail.  But the princess was nonplused and said that if he was indeed worthy, it was the least he could do to defeat this threat to their realm.  Finally, the gatekeeper heard the shout of the brave prince  beyond the city wall, and everyone, including the princess, watched on as the doors opened to reveal the flag of the defeated army clenched in his fist.  "I have done as you wished, fairest princess.  Now I beg for your hand."

The townswomen could not contain themselves, and broke into shouts and claps of the praise for the noble and courageous warrior.  But the princess was not so quick to approve.  Instead, she pulled out a scroll and said, "While you wre gone, I thought of other things that need to be accompoished before I can really consider you to be worthy.  The first one is..."  But before she could continue, the prince snatched it from her hands.

He gazed for mnay minutes upon the paper, and as far as his eye could see were more tasks, each one more difficult than the last.  And he realized he could never win.  So he closed his eyes and reached deeply into his manly soul to find the strength he would need.  When he opened his eyes, he looked into the eyes of the princess and said, "Enough of this crap; I'm outta here."

(But, of course, you would never drive a man to this point.)

Would you?

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Lost...I'm glad to hear that. I know this was a rather derogatory story against a woman, I've only know one in my life that went to that limit.

destiney...thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I've been just exactly where the poor knight was. It didn't matter how hard I tried, it was never quite good enough. So, like the knight, I told the princess the same thing. Went on my merry way and finally found what I was looking for.

delavi...wasn't really my story, but it did open up some thoughts and I was just seeking the female input.<br />
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esotericgirl...that true, but on a never ending quest, I think would discourage any man.<br />
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Thanks to you both for taking the time to comment.