I want to be loved.

Although I do think half the time love is some over romanticised concept, brewed up many ways, I shall add my overdramatic unrealistic view now:

I've never been loved, well not the way I want, not the unconditionally way. I want everything to be perfect, lasting and forever. I want someone to listen with interest to everything I have to say. I want someone to care about me, to ask be how I am and truly listen for the honest answer. I want someone to know all about me, the person I am, how I operate, to know my feelings inside and out. I want someone to know how to handle me. I want someone to know all the weird signs I give out. I want someone to play along with my games. I want someone to play games on me, only good ones of course. I want to fight, and only have it bring us closer together. I want to do everything together. I want to sleep in his arms everynight and wake up to a kiss on the forehead. I want someone who I can demand hugs from anytime I want. I want us to not be able to fuction without each other. I want a healthy relationship. I want it based on complete trust. I want to be completely open with someone. I want to share all of our secrets, the good and the bad ones. I want to know someones history and what makes them the person which they are today. I want to get butterflies everytime someone looks deep into my eyes. I want to spend the rest of my life, partnered with the most amazing person in the world. I want us to match perfectly. Someone who has an oppositer personality to me, but share so many things in common. I want someone to accept every one of my flaws. I want someone to know and love ever inch of my body. I want our bodies to fit perfectly together.  I want to be crazy about eachother. I want our love story to be told again and again to everyone. I want to have the love only people read about in books. I want someone to give me thier heart and for me to give my heart with no reservations. I want to love him back and not be afraid, not be afraid that I am getting myself into trouble, not be afraid they he will eventually break my heart anyway. I want to love comfortably.

...A girl can dream...

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Just keep looking... I hate to sound like a broken record and feed you the same lines everyone else says like "you'll find the one"... but... you just may find the one.<br />
Not everyone follows the same path. I've never had someone love me truly either (except family). You may not find your special someone until your 40.... Who knows? It could be tomorrow... Just smile and keep your eyes wide open.<br />

Yeah, a girl can dream, and sometimes the dream comes true. Is it easy to find what you're describing? Not really, but it only has to happen once. Don't settle. You're too good for that. :)

This love exists, its not overdramatic or unrealistic. Love is what YOU make of it. I want love and I'm going to get mine back.


wow you act like i don't exist...


Aww yeah you two are so fricken lovely :)<br />
<br />
Tis good to hear inspirational stories every now and then.

We slip up every now and again but I think that's how it is for WG and I. Well me, anyway!<br />
<br />
It's a great vision and worth pursuing. 'Just' a matter of finding the other partner in the M-team.

Glad you liked it, honestly it's not possible, it's merely a dream. Although I was once told a similar story by an old married couple, it was hard not to cry it was so lovely hehe. So maybe it is true for 'some' extremley lucky people...

i love this story,i very much want the same thing,and its something i havent found yet,and im sad because of it