I Use to Dream When I Was Little........

~ I use to plan my wedding, what kind of house we'd have, how many kids, the white picket fence, the safe neighbourhood.... I don't have those dreams anymore. I lost them a few years ago. ~

** They aren't the same dreams that little girl had. The one who still had stars in her eyes & thought that as long as you were open, love would find you. She didn't know she'd get hurt too. She's starting to dream again though. Now that he's gone & she can finally see all that she did to try & save something that really didn't deserve to be saved.. **

~ Now, the wedding would be nice but it doesn't have to big & grand like before. A small gathering in our backyard with friends, & family to help us celebrate. The kids would be nice, but it's not likely for me, so if we still feel we want them, we can always adopt. The white picket fence, well it doesn't have to be white. Heehee!! The safe neighbourhood........well, here is safer than most so I guess I've got some of my dream. ~

** What I really want though, is a marriage like my grandparents. One that lasts regardless of what hardships are thrown at you. I want a partnership. A man who will stand & fight beside me for all that we have & all that we love. Who'll respect & love me as I will him. I don't need "prince charming" or "Mr. Right".... I just want the one who'll stick it out. The one man that isn't afraid of love, commitment or my family. Mahahahaha!!! **

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Lovely ..

Ah, this would be nice to have a small little dream wedding :) It'd also be nice to have someone that loves you unconditionally. <br />
<br />