Want To Be Married Yesterday

im a 57 yo guy,and every day it drives me friggin nuts because im not married,i want a wife and children.its like a knife in my soul.the reason i didnt get married sooner was because i had to take care of my mom 4 26 years,and there is no american woman alive who would have taken me and my mom as a package.i want a lady to love,sex (and lots of it) with my wife,someone to please and make happy.i feel like something is really wrong with me,my depresssion is because of this.my nephews have children, i feel like the family eunuch,it sucks,i want to have a baby so badly.please dont tell me to adopt,i want a wife that will be a mother to OUR children.sometimes ifeel that i want to end it all because this has been a hunger of mine for 35 years.if you want to be helpful be constructive NOT critical
shrek1955 shrek1955
56-60, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

My dad had his last kid, my little brother, at 62, and there have been guys who were married and had children older than that. I've got an uncle in his 60's who while he doesn't have kids, got married older than you. There's still hope, buddy!