I'm Not As Interesting As I Used To Be...

I came back to this website out of bordum, and lonelyness I suppose.  I shouldn't be lonely or bored. I am engaged, have a baby, and I'm a full time student. I don't really have any friends. My fiance isnt much of a talker. I talk to people at school, but i'm not very close to anyone. Anyway point being of this story, I'm boring. I used to be so interesting and alive. I wore corky outfits, I was an artist, I loved music, I had friends, boyfriends, went dancing, watched crazy underground films, went to shows, went to the movies,... I don't do any of those things anymore. I don't have any interesting stories. I'm just a normal boring adult, just worried about how i'm going to make money. I suppose I still have some interesting stories from my fun youthful days, and my not so fun childhood. But those stories are all so old, they've lost their passion. Is this just what being an adult is. Work, kids, marriage. Of course i love my son and fiance, but i feel like something is missing in my life. I feel like i've lost me.

AmarnaSun AmarnaSun
22-25, F
May 11, 2012