Always wanted to be a great wife and mother.  Up until a few years ago thought thats just what I was.  Well I got really sick and lost about two years of my life. Now I am back and have basically been told by the people that I love more than anything in this world that all I did was disaappoint my husband and kids.  I know in my heart I was a good mom but husband now says I wasn't. I am starting to think he tells me things like this to hurt me as a payback for getting sick. I just wonder everyday if anyone has really ever loved me for me or was it just what I could give or do for them. Basically have been told if I do not act and be the way my husband wants me to be he will divorce me. Kids are grown now so he needs me no more. What a life. Am just another financial burden for him to bear.  Am walking on egg shells everyday just wondering what I will screw up next.  What a Life.

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No physical affair. I did not mean I was physically gone. They doped me up on so many meds I just can't remember. I have neuropathy in my legs. Came home from hosp. in a wheel chair, told would probably never walk again. Well I showed them. After much PAINFUL physical therapy etc. I am walking on my own and pretty much back to normal except this horrible PAIN and the swelling in my feet -really sucks too. Thanks for the big hug Peedee Dog. Can use all the encouragement I can get. Am here all day by myself and I can only clean and cook so much!!


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