during my internship i was professionally coerced (haha) into an 8 week mindfulness program. it was a kind of experimental, pseudo training / therapy group (which was confusing) for the interns. i didn't initially want to do it because i didn't honestly believe i needed it at the time. i was already going through so much, and i just didn't feel i would be completely in it mentally. but because i didn't want to be the person who always complains about stuff (again) i just did it. i was lucky to have a very open minded instructor / supervisor who was very patient and tolerant with my stubbornness and resistance during those 8 weeks. i did try to be real about my experiences, the homework we had to do (uff), and the way it made me feel. i didn't enjoy the experience therapeutically because it came at a very inconvenient time in my life. but i did appreciate and have tried to hold on to the fundamental principles of mindfulness (at least professionally), because i think the message is a good one. so it's a goal for my life to be more mindful. i won't always do it to the extent that some people can, but a concerted effort to focus on the here and now is a very vital lesson for my life. in many ways, mindfulness, and my complete inability to do it, reminds me of some vital human characteristics that i lack - patience, self-discipline, consistent gratitude and a handle over my emotions. bravo to those of you who have the courage to practice this. it's not easy! bf.
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thanks enna30 for ur comment. bf.

What a great post! Thank you for sharing this. I think the whole process of personal growth, whatever form it takes, can be confusing, difficult, challenging and often very inconvenient!! Kudos to you for embracing the philosophy and for recognising your own barriers. Whatever profession you are in will be the richer for having a person of your self knowledge and integrity as a member.