Twice a year I go through my entire house and rid myself of any belongings I no longer need, want, or enjoy.

I used to have a hard time getting rid of things when I was younger, but as I grow older, I realize that "stuff" really does nothing for me. My memories I store in my mind and my feelings I store in my heart. I don't need material things to remember or feel. Besides, there is always someone else in the world who may need what you are giving away more than you ever did.

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Blaine, you are wonderful for donating your old clothing to charity. :)

I have WAY too many things, dishes, cookware, clothing. The only thing I don't have in excess is sheets. I just wash them and put them right back on the bed. I figured out why I have so many clothes. I came from a fairly poor family. We ate well, my Mother was a great cook, but we never had enough of anything, say underwear or socks. There were 5 girls under 10 and my brother came along a few years later. He had everything. But in the morning, getting ready for school, we had to scronge around trying to find matching socks, socks without holes that were too big to hide, and clothes in general. We pretty much all wore the same size, that's how close together we were. So when I got older and worked, I spent a lot of money on clothes and I still need to have whatever is appropriate for any occasion. I'm going to begin weeding. I'll be getting a divorce soon and probably will move into an apartment, no way can I get all my clothes in an apartment. This is good luck for Big Brothers, Big Sisters, which collects clothing.

My philosophy is - if I haven't used something in a whole calendar year - I never will, so I get rid of it. They recently built a Goodwill in the town where I live and I am SO grateful to have a worthwhile charity to donate my 'gently used' items to. Thanks for your story ♥

I'm in the process of moving and I have a lot of thngs I don't use anymore. So I am going to give<br />
them to charity. Things accumulate, so I'm trying to change my ways.

It's great that you do this. I'm trying to get to this point also. My mom's house is an absolute mess, filled with clothes she'll never wear or fit again, paperwork, etc. Right now we're cleaning out my grandmother's house; she is a really bad hoarder so this process is taking weeks. Good for you for working to change your own habit, it takes the burden off of your loved ones and probably makes your home more enjoyable to live in.