Its All Too Much Bother.

Since my illness and long battle with depression which I have almost beaten I have become so lazy in being organised.Ihave tended to let matters that I once would have dealt with on the spot remain undone for ages.I guess it is all part and parcel of the illness however the smallest of chores,such as paperwork,filing things in their proper place have become an annoyance to me to get round to doing it.I say to myself,OK i will do that tomorrow,sometimes tomorrow may be two weeks away.
I must make a concerted effort to sort this part of my life as soon as possible,A typical example is my list of friends on EP,no way on earth is it as big as the computer shows,I have about 20 people who I want to keep in contact with,all the others are people who have added me as a friend and I have accepted them,thereafter NEVER hearing from them again.I am going to get pen and paper and write down who my friends are and as for the others they will be removed from my circle.I was going to make contact with each of them to explain my reasons,however upon reflecting on this issue I really do not think they deserve any contact.Gosh I am getting stronger.
Alas few will read this and probably no one will be bothered to comment,therefore I am putting little effort into this entry as I really don't care.
Any genuine friends,I am OK it is just one of those days.
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Thank you anonymousone007 for your contribution.You know there is a saying that there is always someone worse off than yourself,your story here simply demonstrates that that theory is correct.Yes I have suffered from chronic depression,it has had a dreadful effect on my life,however since posting this story I have improved so much.Depression is an illness not really understood by people who have never suffered from it.I can assure anyone it is an illness I would not wish on my worst enemy.<br />
I hear what you say "there is always tomorrow",in your case I pray you have many tomorrows,that the medical people find the answers to your condition,I wish you a long life full of love and happiness.<br />
God Bless,<br />

Hello<br />
I was just looking around and thought I would check out your story. You are a very good writer, looks like you can write w/o thinking long and hard, that is good!<br />
But, I know how you feel and what you mean. My illness (genetic disease) came to light 6 years ago, I was so sick they thought I was going to die. I had multiply tests and no one knew what was wrong until one DR, took a simple blood test to confirm. Depression set in and is still there. I have MCD< GAD major chronic depression and anxiety disorder, as well as the genetic disease. Sucks, I hate being sick, sometimes for 6 months straight, get up sick go to bed sick and pray you will wake up better, when that happens I know "I have another tumor). This has set me back from everything in life, I dispise this. as far as organizing, I am still trying, but perhaps tomorrow will be better! Damn that, "Theres always tomorrow"....I never used to procrastinate, I would do things as they came, now, when I get to it. <br />
Thanks for listening to me blabber to you! Hope you get better with your illness.

So true :-)

Always good to do Spring Cleaning of Circles and other uneeded life things :) xox

Procrastination is probably one of the most pernicious syptoms of depression. Paperwork ugh! There is always so much of it.

Gosh,there are so many wonderful people,thank you so much for your comment,thank you,it means a lot,garvan.

Brad,Cheers,thank you,wonderful words of support.

Glad to hear you are ok... : )