Clutterer, Chaos, And More Clutter!!!

Living, it is no way to live, it cost so much of my preciious time just looking for this and looking for that...I so badly want to resolve my bad habit of total disorganization and chaos. Oftentime, I feel so overwhelmed and it is a feeling of helplessness.
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

I've decluttered so much... and I still have too much or am too disorganized so I can't find anything. It's so frustrating!

Ditto! I find that my mornings are so much harder when my house is a mess! How can I have a productive positive day when it starts out to such a cluster ****! :( Today, I started on my room. I always do my room last. I am hoping that cleaning and getting rid of all the stuff that I do not use in here will help. Next is the kitchen...where I have piled up all the stuff from my room that I am getting rid of. Good luck to you!!!! One room/challenge at a time.... you can do it !!

and it's especially true when the boss comes looking for your letter opener. Now where did I put that?... or my "Please Return With Payment" stamp because his says "Return With Payment". Hmm. LOL I think he's checking up on my organizational skills.