What's To Say..i Need To Get My Shlt Together, Eh.

I have suffered with this my whole life and I'm not organized like there is a method to my madness..more so lost? I have been doing better now that I am on the meds, but I am just lacking in some basic skills...I think? There had to be some point in school when they were teacheing us to be more orginized? Or maybe it was just something that we perfected along the way?
Either way I need some organization soon, not having It always effects my self esteem, negitavely. Like when I see that I am falling behind others and especially when it centers me out or people notice? That always leads to me feeling frustrated, which leads to hopelessness which leads to exhuastion, which leads to 3 days in bed, unheathly food, which finally leads too having to climb out of "another rut" as I have learned to refer to them? Which can take along time, I always manage to do it, (get out of the rut's) but they are getting more frequent, Thankfully not lasting nearly as long? When I was younger, I could be in a rut for months and I never knew how to get out of them or maybe I just didn't care as much? I didn't have stuff to fight for, so it never mattered as much, maybe?
If I have said it once, I have said it a million times to myself....N8, you need to get your SHlT together, you need to be more FCCKIN orginized!
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Thanx multiplex, I am trying andI do always appreciate advise! And I love your profile pic!

Tee hee hee!....I know, I know. LOL! HIIIIIIIGH_HOOOOO_HIGH_HO it's back on the park bench N8 goes? He is all dun, once again a bum_high ho_high ho_high ho!

Less is more. Organization is key. Take it one step at a time.

N8 you should become a minimalist then you don't have to worry bout organizing your **** lol