An Idea...

does he know u want 2 be more than friends? Or does he want to be single? well I recently just started to do things with my roomates best friend. me and him are friends with benefits. However we both want to keep it a secret. We agreed to never talk about it to my roomate. Also niether one of us wants to have sex. we just want to have some fun.  Idk if its the right thing 4 you. but let me just say, it was amazing b/c we both ended up happy, and now, however ironic as it is, the attraction I felt for him faded out a bit, I Like it b/c he's my dirty lil secret & its kinda fun...idk if this will even help you out, but I just wanted to share my story, let me know either way!

vitoanol vitoanol
18-21, F
Apr 22, 2007