All the Differences

I sometimes wonder, wouldn't it be easy if everyone longed to understand people the way I do? Because you know, they don't make sense. I have an autistic brother who always says that people are so irrational. And he sure is right. People's actions and reactions often don't show any sign of logic. The answer to the question "why?" is way too often "just because".

I do not believe it is possible to completely analyze people, to completely understand them, because I do not believe one can approach them logically. However, I also think that people walk all over each other way too easily. They leave things behind that should be thought about and considered. One should not try to completely understand humanity in order to improve humanity. One should try to understand himself and the way he reacts to his environment, and connect with the people he affects or is affected by. People tend to treat the things they do not understand as if they are not there, but I think that even the things one does not understand should be remembered and considered.

The biggest flaw I see in the world as it is today(and trust me, I see many) is people's lack of understanding one another, and the lack of willingness to understand one another. People have become way too individual, way too anonymous. But hey, we weren't meant to spend our lives alone. We really weren't.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Now that the world is more self centered and we teach others "to love ourselves", people become too narcissistic to be concern about others. Therefore the reason why I really feel that everyone needs to learn how to understand others and by doing so, reflect upon our own actions.

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