Wisdom Is Bleak..

i know i should be more patient and understanding with people.. but as of lately everything and everyone has found a way to **** me off..

 i find that the complete lack of common sense in some people i met just.. well upsets me that some one could be that dumb.. And i realize its rude to speak of people in this manner but i cant help it. i feel like i am going to explode on people some times becuase of the simple lack of intelligence when holding a conversation with the. and i know  am not alone so i decided to make this group and this goal to hopefully work throgh it and become more patient and understanding..

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I have to disagree with you "inanotherzone".<br />
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Just blaming the other person for their misunderstanding, is a bit of a cop out. It would be both of your faults, if neither of you get what you want out of the conversation... things are rarely one-sided.

To be quite honest i believe that I know exactly what you mean. Correct me if im wrong, but when you engage in a simple conversation, or even an arguement, you cleary and obviously get your case across, to where anyone with a set of ears and brain will comprehend, and yet the person you are communicating with looks as if your speaking another language to them.<br />
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If what I wrote was correct, then dont worry about it, its not you, its them. I kind of have that same scenario going on with me in my life currently, and it doesnt look like its going to get any better. I have already decided what my options are, and im pretty sure you have came to the same conclusions. <br />
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1. you can ignore them,( you'll be lonely, which isnt so bad when you think of the reasoning)<br />
2. or you can move to a place where the people you surround yourself by are not as hardheaded, or closeminded. But also keep in mind, that no matter where you go, there will always be people accidentally, or purposely trying to insult your intelligence. <br />
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This response may seem kind of drawn out and lengthy, however, I have more of a detailed explanation, but im not even sure your going to read this, let alone agree with it.