I Found A Website That Sells Homes For Cash!

After years of suffering through this incredibly crazy economy, my husband and I decided that our biggest challenge is trying to pay our mortgage every month. So the internet search started... from get quick rich schemes to even crazier concepts with no realistic end results.

I then came across a new website called rockbottombid.com . I found them during my endless google search of mortgage free home, mortgage free living, mortgage free lifestyle, how to live mortgage free etc etc etc. They are a low bid auction site, you pay a fee to place your bid then you want your bid to be the lowest bid that is closest to one penny that isnt duplicated. There is a hint system that gives you the status of your bid. I called the number and talked to the owner of the property, (it is in Ohio) to make sure that this was the real deal! She answered all my questions and explained anything that was confusing me. She also explained that the website will continue to offer homes for cash!!

I am so excited about this I felt I needed to share it with anyone searching for mortgage free living such as we are!

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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Hi , are u mortgage free now ? Was the site helpful ?