How I Started With Beachbody...

I became curious watching the infomercial for the Insanity workout dvd's. It looked challenging and the results were just astonishing. All I was looking for was a healthy way to lose some extra lbs i had put on during the summer, so i decided to give it a try.
Then, my coach reached out to me and told me about the Beachbody Challenge. It's where motivation, support and personal development takes place. It's all virtual! So perfect for my busy schedule! Sometimes it's easier to open up with a perfect stranger than with people we're surrounded by everyday. So for 90 days, with the help of other people that were trying to achieve their own personal goals, i committed to the Beachbody Challenge. Lost the weight, and some more but most importantly i surprised myself with how far my body could take it and how good it feels to be healthy. I learned so much more about the simplest things that we do everyday like eating, that affect us SO MUCH! Food is so important, affects our mood, our health and can prevent diseases in the long run. Everyday i see people that basically don't have any idea. And the reality is, we are surrounded by poor food choices and people are not informed enough. The leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, cancer and stroke. All directly related with obesity and therefore poor food choices.
After my 90 days were over i realized that i wanted to pay it forward and became a Beachbody coach myself. Now i get to know people everyday and their stories, and their dreams, and we all keep in touch and support each other until we reach those dreams and then we dream some more!!!!! You have 1 life! 1 chance! Make the best of it, don't rely on others to give a purpose to your life. YOU take action! Bring yourself to the next level.
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annaavitto annaavitto
22-25, F
Sep 21, 2012