Being Nice Is What Got You Here

Im not here to be nice. Im not here to pat you on the back and tell you what you want to hear. Constructive means information you use that may counter information you had. People want hear the easy do the easy and never seek to do the difficult I advocate the dificult I represent that tiny voice in your head that tells you begs you to consider loving yourself first. Weak is curable. That being said I want to promote Strength!!! I wish to employ Power!!! We have all been hurt and abused on some level or another but I REFUSE TO GO HOME EVERY NIGHT TO MY ABUSER if this makes me a not nice person... again see the opening line. I will never say put someone else first. I will never side with someon trying to placate I will never advocate being miserable for the sake of others. I will ride or die with someone standing up on his or her own two feet and saynig ENOUGH! I will cheer the loudest at personal sucess over shared. I will defend the right to self as paramount! Being nice is what got me here... But it is not what sustains me in total. Being angry was what drove me now I marvel that I drive fueled on pride. Im proud of me for doing the work for having the nerve to be tired of putting someone else above and before me. What you have to lose is nothing compared with what you have to gain. So Im not here to be nice... Im here to ask you get up!! the doormat look is so 2012
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