A Little About Me

I have made stories about lots of things not so much on this ep but my other accounts I had . And on her I tryd to get down to the basic things about me . My family my ex my health problems and other stuff . But I never just made a storie tell u about me . And I guess that's what I'm doing now . Well for a start my name is Nero . And no that's not my real name . My name is Kelly . Not a fan of the name but what ever . So I would rather if u called me Nero . Well my dad he is a preacher . So I live at a church I don't like it here . At all . I have lived at this church for YEARS we moved here when I was just 8 years old . I'm a aunt I love my baby's lol my sister has 2 kids and my brother has 1 . Well I'm tiny . Um I mostly like girl that's it really . I guess if the guy is gay and tiny and cute and like 15 or 16 that's cool. But I'm still working on that . I do have a crush right now who is a boy it's crazy but true lol . I have something called hallogutt it is something u are born with . My body on the inside is not made like yours but it's ok it gives me lots of pain but it's ok . I love to sing and dace , nd the rest if u want to know I guess u will have to find out by geting to know me . And that is my storie just about me :) ----------------Nero
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Feb 19, 2013