A Dream I Wish Would Come True

So I'm asleep (I know it sounds funny), but I'm asleep and in a good dream. I just woke up from. I dream the first I was somewhere somewhere that was really vague. Then out of the fog I came in a place where I was to on of my acquaintances known as my cousin, par se, and while I was there I got into the two door suburban truck was it (note the place was down the road from where I live at, though I got in the truck and headed up the road. I stopped to the house on the corner where he used to stay. They are brothers of three. One of the brothers was in the yard with some other people in the yard and in the house was my grandmother alongside of them. For some reason, whenever there is a whole lot of drama in my dream, she is somewhere sitting in the middle of it and then doesn't see her anymore. Anyway, had this chick right. She was at me like she wanted to hunch so I was going to take her round the side of the house and tear her up, knock her down, give her the business. However, she walked right up the front door steps and kicked the door in! I was steady telling her no but she did it anyway. I shook my head and walked off. The truck was park side the road as well as other cars. I started making my way toward the house. A car pulled up and it was an old car like my old car. I started to notice the person that was driving the car which was a past lover of mines mother. I worked with her in other jobs and to my surprise she had on a Burger King uniform from the old job we used to work. When she got out she had on a shirt and small shorts. She was talking with me and then I and her walked toward the side of the house. I sat in a chair and she continued to throw herself at me. I was like no, I can't do that. Then like the scene in soul food she was continuing to throw herself. I said to myself bump it. I moved the chair around the house where to reveal were all kinds of lights and someone working on a neighbors roof. He seen me and went to talking to some other people. Then some people began to walk through the yard. At this time, she was sitting in my lap. I can remember clearly the blue jeans, white granny panties, and yellow shirt. So, out of the people that were passing through, one of the ladies ask how I was doing and how did school turn out and did I graduate. I responded to her question, The lights in the back yard where very bright. I got up from there and walked around toward the front. She had gotten up by the but yet there was another car outside the road. I could see the person in the car but I couldn't see the them clearly. They party exited the vehicle and came towards me and to my amazement it was a very special person to me. This girl was like the flicker to fire as the fire is to my flame. Throughout school she wanted to be with me so bad but we couldn't be because I was with someone and we had been together for some time. That really didn't stop us from having conversations to add to the fact that we were like always in the same place, at work or at school. I went to her house some late nights when her dad wasn't there and we made love like heaven. I looked at her and she smiled and I smiled back. Not just a regular smile but a smile from the heart. This was one of the best feelings that I had felt ever. We talked for a minute and sat on the porch in the night air. Her mom, which was the one throwing herself on me lol, was sitting with us on the porch. I told her mom if she only knew what it was like going through school and our lives wanting to be with each other but couldn't. I hugged for and hugged her. Sex was nowhere near my mind. She was so soft. She had gained a little weight, which was fine because that made her even sexy. She hugged me around the neck and I around her hips and waist. We smiled each other and kissed on of the most mesmerizing memorable sensual deep relieving kisses ever. Then I woke up and there began the whispers. My heart was so flooded. A dream that I wash would come true.....
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Jan 8, 2013