Saturday, January 12, 2013

So yesterday I was on Facebook. Why was I on Facebook? Because that is where I network to all my network connections. I said to myself, I'm tired of Facebook. The social part of it the least. There is so much drama on there that I am just like one day... no Facebook... for everyone.. A National holiday as they do with all the other holidays. So I created a stat that said National No Facebook Day. Here it is today, Saturday, National No Facebook Day! I got up this morning and was listening to some blues. I posted to Twitter National No Facebook Day 01-12-13. It links in to my Facebook page so anyone on Facebook in my friends list can see that it is from a Twitter and not Facebook. Anyhow, I got up and fixed some breakfast and recorded a video talking and rambling about something and rambling and rambling. Though a lot of it was making more sense than you could really imagine. I came back into my room and laid down. Put on a movie and dozed off. I feel really swell! haven't used the term in a decade but I do feel this way. Pulled out some more food and dirty rice sweet peas and creamed corn. I about to get up and turn this out. So I guess thats what I'm about to do no, so catch you later EP Fam! Peace...
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013