Doing My Best To Stay Naked

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed being naked.  Lots of kids like to ***** off their clothes whenever they get a chance -- they complain that the cloth is uncomfortable, that it is itchy, and so on.  This is now being labelled a disorder -- a symptom of neurological problems and so on.  I just have to say that if this is a neurological problem I must be seriously messed up.  Why isn't the desire to be naked simply a logical return to our natural state???  I mean, I want to stay warm if it is cold, or protect myself if I'm doing something dangerous, but other than that my skin breathes better when I'm naked.  My body adjusts to a wider range of temperatures when exposed to the air.  Anyway . . . I really would be naked all the time if it were not a stupid law that we all have to stay covered.

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The desc<x>ription above describes me perfectly. As a child my mother had to be careful what she washed clothes with, what fabric conditioner she used and all labels/tags had to be removed.<br />
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Even now I have to remove tags and clothing rubbing against my skin causes outbreaks of dermatitis which I have to apply steroids and creams to. I long for the winter to pass so I can get relief. Its no wonder I love being naked.<br />
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Unfortunatly there is no where I can go without the fear of being seen. Even in the house different neighbours can see in most windows and I don't see why I should have to pull curtains and shut out the sun ( which is probably what my skin needs).<br />
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Why is the law so stupid that I can be in trouble due to someone looking through my windows?

I agree wholeheartedly, of course! My kids are similar to what you describe. I have to cut out all tags. Clothes with roughly finished seams are too much for them to wear. Nothing can be tight or gripping. Laundry detergent can't have perfumes in it. As for the windows, while I agree it is terrible that we can't just let people see in, I do not think we should live in fear. I've very much reconditioned myself not to be afraid that people will see me naked. As for my own house, I've adopted several strategies: a) some windows I paint with transparent colors designed just for glass. The sun comes in fine, the patterns are beautiful like stained glass but it keeps people from being able to see in. b) I use very sheer curtains but with a pattern to them -- again, not much light is blocked, but people can't see in very clearly, c) on a few windows we've installed inside shutters that can be adjusted for how much light comes in; this blocks the lower part of the windows, but leaves the upper part clear and free for sunlight -- the opposite of hanging curtains, and d) when we added on to our house, we opened up the back with lots of windows so we have a more airy sunny part of the house to be in. I'm always naked at home and if someone comes up close enough to stare in, that's their problem, not mine!

Hell yeah! I'm with you!<br />
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I am absolutely with you. I would never wear clothing as long as the temperature is above 65 degrees. Personally I believe that CLOTHING COMPULSIVE people are the ones with the DISORDER.