I hope one day I can be naked and tangled up in my special persons arms....all weekend or more...I know it would the best time in my life in long time....we would have a rule that we had to stay naked all weekend...
bettsforsure bettsforsure
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excellent rule. hope you don't have important mail to retrieve or need to take out the trash sometime during the two days. might require some creativity.

bring good memories

Sounds like a wonderful time! Life and kids are always in the way and too busy. But we can dream of it happening one day.......
Love to be added if you're interested. Dx

I Would love to see you naked in my arms all weekend maybe we can get naked all weekend maybe every weekend we go naked I Have a rule about a no clothing on weekend a clothing free weekend.

Good rule.

I agree-someday it will happen.

Surely a rule we would recommend! We also are free from clothes most evenings. Very pleasant and sensual.