First Time With A Naked Man

Well he wasn't my best friend but dam near! I had just entered the bi world and word got around so one time while at a lounge I ran into a long time friend of mine. The conversation was nothing unusual but then he came out that he had heard of my new lifestyle, for some reason I knew the conversation would change to my new lifestyle! Asking of course how long had I been into it, what got me into it and of course how does it feel to suck another mans ****! I felt uneasy at first but the more we talked the more I felt relax. The conversation went on for at least a hour and a half by then more then several beers had been drank by both of us. My friend suddenly out of no where asked if I would give him a ******* and again I knew he was going to ask me to! At that point I had only given two ******** and was very eager to try it once again so with out hisitation I said yes. So in the bar parking lot in total darkness in his car I gave him my only third *******. I guess in the beginning I was what you call "easy" for I continued sucking my friend for the months to come for I was his any time he wanted and from the parking lot it continued at his apartment and in the comfort of his bed and I had my first man completely naked, my close friend! He loved being naked with me and the pleasure I gave him (mainly sucking his very, very huge **** and balls!
Willboo Willboo
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13 Responses Dec 22, 2010

mmmmmm sounds so hot,, I'd like that , we could suck each other and maybe go a little further, I never had anal sex and would love to try it.,, michelle

Love the taste of **** in the morning oh yeah in the afternoon too and at night

Lucky guy! I wish I could find a friend like that.

Add me as a friend and I'll tell you more!

I didn't fine him, he found me! Like I said, he heard of my lifestyle....."I suck ****" If you mean that he won't tell any one, Fine a married guy....most married guys want it a secret!

but rewarding

The first time somebody you know hints that they know about your bi side can be so exciting, and so scary!

Let me know when and how it felt!.....

Ha, skin on skin with a man................. :)

You *****! That's hot ... I love being alone with another man!

Much more!

Did it ever go beyond sucking?

Why not more!