What Is Normal?

For me normality is a person, that feels right about the things she/he does, aslong as the things are "legal". I called it legal cause I can't find another word. What I mean is, that I think you can also be perfectly normally if you're doing something strange. Normality is difference. Otherwise all people you consider "normal" would have to be totally equal. and about the "legal"-thing. I meant that things like abuse aren't okay.. so as long as the things you do don't do harm to anybody I guess it's normal.
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1 Response Jun 22, 2007

Several years ago I found my way out of the storm and into a little program named after a type of battery because I made a conscious decision to live, I was tired of self-destructive behavior. It is a program full of wonderful ex<x>pressions, many of which lend themselves to bumper stickers. One of my favorites is, "Normal Is A Setting On A Washing Machine." Forget normal, forget average, forget the opinions of others. The question is - Do you know yourself? Do you like yourself? Are you comfortable in your skin? If you get Yes 3 times out of 3 - you can forget about what's "normal."