Center of the Universe

I want to be held responsible for everything I do right every day.  I'm already getting adequate feed back on the things I muck up, thank you very much! 

Isn't it weird the way mess ups and minor falls from grace garner so much more attention than the 50 great things you probably did before and after?

I wouldn't mind a little shout out from my husband, like, "Hey this meal definitely does not suck, good job on that, honey!"  I'd glow all day if just once my 13 year old son said "I really think you did a nice  job not stroking out when you saw that **** site on my internet history."

How cool would it be to spend the day warding off the admiration of all the people I help in ways that seem small to them, but really did cost me something to put out there?  Sure, it would eventually get old sorting through all the e-mails extolling my every minute virtue, but I'm willing to risk it. 

Come on world, notice me.  

Mikki Mikki
31-35, F
May 18, 2007