It Can Be Done !

There doesn't seem to be much activity in this group although I'm sure some people must have tried going nude in public.
I went through a phase a little while ago where I tried as much nudity in public as I could.
Usually on the seafront and initially early before it got light. I would drive there and park up. I would then take off my clothes by the side of the car and walk around in the nude. Occasionally cars would pass and sometimes I would walk past other people.
Eventually I got up the courage to do it in daylight. One morning I undressed and left my car walking completely nude even though there was traffic about.
I crossed the road and walked down to the beach.
After a short while I walked back up to the promenade and strolled along oblivious to the traffic.
I have since been nude on many occasions (I have even walked to the parking machine and got my ticket in the nude).
I know I have been seen many times by drivers and pedestrians.
So it can be done with a little care.
I would be interested to hear what others have been able to do.
peteorpen peteorpen
61-65, M
Jan 14, 2013