Life As Former Foster Child!

                My name is Amber Rae. I’m still young but have personally experienced much more than the average 20 year old that I appear to be.  Two and a half years ago, when I turned 18, I discovered what most teens that age out of foster care experience.

                After being removed from my parents at the age of four and separated from 3 out of 5 siblings, placed in 7 to 8 different foster homes in Baltimore City, at age 9, I was adopted by my aunt and uncle in Florida. That’s any foster kids dream to be adopted and brought into a loving family. So you can imagine what a disaster it felt like when my aunt committed suicide, a year later, then I ended up right back in the foster care system a year after that, while my younger sister remained in the home with my uncle. Except the second time around, I was much older, experienced an extreme loss, and I was in a whole different state with very little contact with my family.

                I traveled around the State of Florida, from Port Saint Lucie to Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Fort Pierce, Orlando, Oviedo, West Palm Beach, back to Port Saint Lucie, in and out of residential homes, foster homes, shelters, and group homes. The sad part is that it didn’t stop when I turned 18.

                Going from home to home then I was completely by myself depending on myself was devastating. I had addictions, from marijuana to cocaine and pills, I’ve sold drugs to pay bills at times money was low, I had two precious babies at the age of 19, they’re 10 months apart, and I have been homeless twice. On top of that I was in two different relationships where the guys used me, beat me, got me pregnant and left.

                Luckily, I snapped out of it, realizing I am not the only one, and now it’s not about me, it’s about my two babies. Unfortunately, not all former foster kids can have a strong mind. I am actually in touch with many who have been to rehab, are still homeless, have had babies, and all of the above.

                I feel as if I have overcome a lot. I believe that if I share my story with someone else that is going through what I have been through, it will help them and benefit them.

                Plus I just absolutely love Ellen!.

amberrae91 amberrae91
May 21, 2012