Nicolle's Crew

Hi my name is Sha Anderson im in a band called Nicolle's Crew, we all have nicknames and there is 3 of us in all, the first is my sister Jha Anderson which we call Nicki,then their's Odette Calona which we call Nicolle and last theirs me Sha Anderson which my friends call me Keke. We all love u and would love to b on ur show. you see in 4th grade we decided to be in a band we have been writing alot of short songs because we need more help and we think the help of u could make us famous thats been our dream to be famous.we think being on your show is a gift if we do get to,All 3 of us are funny,fun and have lots of friend, i have picture of us i can send you some we r all very sister has tried getting us on america's got talent and we dont have videos on youtube yet,but anyway i hope u can give us some time in your busy life to have us on ur show well thanks bye!!! ps.i for got to mention this is my grand daugther wrote this for you her friends and her love you but any way once again thanks and bye
shaanderson shaanderson
Sep 15, 2012