Nicolle's Crew Very Talented Only 11yrs Old In The 6th Grade We Love U Ellen Just 3 Pretty Girls

Hi im sha anderson im in a band and there's 3 of us in all the first is jha anderson which we call nicki then there's odette calona which we call nicolle and last there's me im sha anderson and my friends call my in 4th grade we decided to be in a band called nicolle's crew we all love u and would love to b on your show,might i mention the reason im sending u this is because we all want to b famous but we need help and we think the help is u we have songs but their short we would love to sing it to you.we all are fun,funny and have alot of friend.we are all 11 years old and very pretty i can send u picture if u want but any way thanks for your time bye
shaanderson shaanderson
Sep 15, 2012