I Need Your Help Because I Was A Single Mom For Years.coming From Abusive Marriages Was Most Devistating Not Only To Me But Also To My Children We Need Your Help Desperatley!

I finally was able to go to college in my 40's and graduate but the huge college loans have put me into debt and I need your help! I love to write and desire to publish what I have wrote, "a lot of it is the story of my life from abuse to no more excuse for abuse!" Because me and my children have been damaged from the abuse they also need your help! I was never able to settle down in a marriage long enough to make it work because I have to divorce my x-husbands in order to stay alive and in order for my children to be safe. I did not know these men were abusive until long into the marriage once I knew they were abusive and were not going to stop I got out! I had to leave everything behind in order to get out! All I had was the clothes on my back most of the time these abusive men keep most everything, the home, the furniture, the washer & dryer you name it they got it why me &/or my children were abused?I want justice my children deserve the last name I want to keep for them all 3 of them because I worked hard to raise them finacialy & gave them their every need even when I was dead tired from working the night shift I gave them my all while their dad's were off doing their own thing and enjoying their own pleasures! My children have had very little finacial suport from my x- husbands that is the way it is for most single women if these husbands were not going to suport their children before divorce they sure will not do it after you divorce them. Why? because their theory is; "they earn the money they deserve to have everything they want before anyone else gets what they need!" These men pleasured in the sexual pleasure to have the children yet do not want to suport them. ( I could go on all day about this but I need your help in paying off my student loans and/or in helping me publish what I have wrote so I can pay off my student loans.) I need a good job but because the economy is so bad I have not found one yet it has been over 2 years since I have graduated from college. I did not go to college for nothing! I need to get family counseling for me and my three children because they are still struggling because of the abuse! I was sexually abuse at age 6 and beyond by an adult neighbor I have blocked that out and now in my fifties realize that the abusive marriages I have been lead to is as a result of being abused and blocking it out. Most victims of abuse are picked out by abusers and abuse feels normal because that was what was done for so long. I finally got some free counseling and they told me the reason I keep picking abusive men to marry was because that was what felt normal to me! I now know I do not deserve to ever be abused again!Abusers can stop abusing but they have to face the fact that they abuse, then they have to stop then they have to make amends to every single person they abused! Payback is not going to be easy but it is an abusers responsibility to pay their victims back in full! If victims need long term counseling the abuser should pay! (and so forth!)I think I could influnence thousands! Please let me be on your show! Even in all the abuse I got out ! I have had to make the best of the worst situations and want the world to know my story by book and also by making motivational movies. my 6th husband, My sister and I are a hoot when we get togather!(it would be really comical to let us three on your show!)We have some very comical storys to tell!) Please contact me to be on your show for free! Thank you! Annika
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Sep 17, 2012