My Sons Accident

I hope that if one person will read this story a learn. My son was hit in the mouth by his dad with a golf club and has had to be reconstructed to get him to where he is back to normal. It has been so hard on me and my family because his dad does not feel the need to help with anything.Not even child support its self. Now state farm ins is fighting my claim on the home owners ins. Because they have got his dad as well as the grandparents to file parent immunity.Which means they will not have to be responsible for anything. Now zachary is going to file for medical emancipation to get started on this if he can get it. I hope that
not one child or their parent will ever have to go through this. I just want to be able to put my son back together so he can have teeth and bone in his jaw. it is the sadiest thing ever. I love him more than the world and we have given up a lot my family has to make sure he is taken care of.I am tring so hard but it has been difficult and I dont my son to ever have to worry . I dont want him to be teased in high school. kids are so mean. I also want to get my story out there to help any other parents that are having these problems. we are our kids voices
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I am not sure what to do or where to go. My son is 11 years old had ADHD and really sings like an Angel. I have been approached by a local producer and his manager to produce and brand him. We are from Nashville AND All I know is taking care of kids in the custody of the State of Tennessee. I can send you him singing happy birthday. He tries to write music but misplace his music. Has not even learned a complete song due to being all over the place. I just need advice.

Thank you

No dad was not charged with anything at all is not being held accountable for anything it has been really hard financialy

So, was dad charged with assault? Or is he completely immune; even from prosecution for child abuse.

please no i am not wanting money i just want my sons story out there. I know that i am not the only parent fighting with ins. companies and irresponsibly spouses.