I Used To Want To Be On The Show

So I don't like her cuz she is making the rich richer. The last episode I saw was a family with a dad in the army and a fat mom and little boy. They had nice house and their issue for being sooooooo poor was that they can't afford professional photos of the family. I haven't been able to afford a new pack of under ware for 3 years and finally got some. There r homeless people that can't afford top ramen and r starving! Also, hey only had one car and that was a problem while the dad wasn't employed cuz the fat stay home mom didn't like to drive him around so Ellen bout them this beautiful big car. Annnnnd Ellen gave this rich ***** family ten grand. Making the ******* rich richer. I emailed her and said that she should have used that money to help a homeless mother on the streets with starving kids or something! I'm never watching her again. She doesn't know what poor is. Can't afford fuking PROFESSIONAL pics. Oh my god, hey r gunna die cuz they can't afford professional pics. What ******* ****.
CourtneyRose001 CourtneyRose001
18-21, F
Nov 6, 2012