Help For My Mom

my name is saffron hoff and my moms name is starla feigert and i want to tell you about our story. my mom was in an abusive relationship with my real father for 19 years to protect all of us 6 kids. over the 2 and a half years from hiding from him she attended school to get her GED and go to college. on april fools day my mom got served papers to fight for us kids. she fought for 8 months to keep us and paid a lot and now we cannot have a christmas. i have watched her cry because she doesn't want to disappiont my 4,11,10 years old little brothers and sister. she has been trying everything. with paying a lot for the lawyer we are behind on bills and not going to have a happy holiday. christmas is my moms favorite holiday that is why i need your help Ellen. i really don't like seeing her like this. PLEASE HELP US PLEASE i'm bagging i hate seeing her like this. my mom is a big fan we watch your show almost everyday together.
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1 Response Nov 19, 2012

i cant believe she did this my daughter is the best all i can do is try my best for all of my kids