A Christmas Miracle For My Mom

Dear Ellen,
I'm writing today because I understand you like to help
families in need. My Christmas present to my mother is writing to you in hopes that you will help her out. She lost her husband almost 7 months ago, which was taken very hard by all of us. They were married for 39 years and together 44. He worked his whole life to provide for his family, but because he passed before the age of 60 my mom is not entitled to anything. She has fallen 6 months behind on her mortgage due to only finding part time on call work. My father was a very kind hearted giving man that would do anything for anyone. And it just seems my mom can't get ahead. She has lived in her home for 44 years and does not want to lose it. She is trying her hardest to get through this but is having a hard time. She is a very kind, deserving person and could really use help right now. Christmas approaching is very hard on her..helping my mom would be an amazing Christmas present from one of her favorite tv stars!!
hope1999 hope1999
Dec 4, 2012