Hi Ellen,my name is Michelle and am from the Caribbean. I enjoy watching your show , but I can't say all the time is more like when I can cause of the time and my job. Reason I like to watch your show it is very exciting, you always doing something for somebody. I hope one day I can get to come to your show. Oh and did I say the you have the whitest teeth every, and I like the way you do that dance that you do on your show. My mom love your show too it always put a smile on her face. It's just us two now since my brother moved. It's hard at times but I try my best to help her out. I saw your and I hear you ask something about what I want the most and send it to you well I don't really want anything I try not to ask for things, but it would be nice to meet you one day. I not sure how that will even work out since I've never been to the states. Anyways I don't even no if you will get this but if you thanks for taking the time for reading. Love Michelle Caribbean girl. 😃
Mich27 Mich27
Dec 4, 2012