Our Family's Most Amazing Miracle

Dear Ellen,
My sister insisted I write a letter to you about our extraordinary family. We have the best parents in the world and I'm not being partial because they are mine. I have two brothers and two sisters. I am the second oldest of the five, I am now 31. My mother worked many jobs including cleaning houses for people on the side, drug store cashier baby sitting when ever she could and went to collage at night. My father worked at a paper mill until they laid everyone off and we moved to the projects. We seen a lot of terrible things but the last straw was gun shots in the middle of the night so the family decided to move out and split up because we couldn't afford to stay together. My mother, sister and I went to live with our grandmother and my brothers and father lived with my grandparents. Growing up we didn't have much, a lot of our Christmas presents came from the Salvation Army which we are thankful for till this day. My father got a job with Alcoa making aluminum, which is a very hot and extremely hard and dangerous job. This finally got us in our own home which happens to be the house my mother grew up in. My father was forced to retire early because he was in an accident at work which resulted in X-rays. After talking with the doctors they found he had broke his neck when he was 18 diving into a pool and never knew it. After time he couldn't walk right anymore so he had to have his c7 replaced with a cadaver bone. I work at Alcoa as well, we would drive in together and have our father and daughter time just like when i was 13, every sunday morning he would drive me around delivering the newspaper. I am extremely proud when people at work tell me I'm just like him and that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. My mother is now working for the county "welfare to work" program. She knows a little too well how hard times are for others and dedicated her life to help people. She joined Pflag just to let me know and the world know she supports me and loves me no matter what. They have been through bankruptcy, still paying on four of their children's student loans and struggling paycheck to paycheck. When I was 20 years old, my mother called me at college and told me we are having a family meeting. When I got home, they sat everyone down and said "we're pregnant!" We were all supportive and told them we would pitch in and help out. At age 45 my mother gave birth to a beautiful little girl. My baby sister is 11 now and we are all so proud of her. ZoeAnne Marie Williamson, the Most Amazing Surprise of Our Lives! My father walks her to school because his truck is broke down most of the time not to mention the few times she road the bus Zoe got off crying because the bus driver would tell her that her grandfather is waiting as my father stood there. She has been playing the piano for three years now and absolutely loves it. My parents are the type of people who encourages you to do your best in whatever you love to do. They are so supportive they are surprising Zoe with a piano for Christmas which happens to be from Santa because they dont need recognition for the special things they do for their children. Even though they know this is going to hurt them finically they understand Zoe's potential. We would love to see her go to a good collage in the future but there will be no way for this because by the time Zoe graduates from high school my mother will be retired. We are all so proud to have Zoe in our lives. She didn't get to grow up with the rest of us kids, no pillow fights, nobody to throw the ball with, nobody to fill the bunk beds with. She doesn't know the memories of all the scars of her brothers and sisters but she has a little bit of each of us in her. She is an amazing young girl who is very special. My mother has lived with Graves disease most of her life as well as melanoma. We recently found out that her uterus is dropping and she needs surgery but has to put it off until she can afford to take the time off. My family is very close and we are all proud to be a Williamson! We do not miss a single birthday or holiday with each other. ZoeAnne will be playing a song at the church where my parents were married and she has spent a lot of time practicing. It would be an honor to allow my sister to play a song on your show to give thanks and show our appreciation for everything our parents have done. They raised 5 extraordinary kids but ZoeAnne is our miracle child. At the time most families move away and grow further apart, we did just the opposite. We may not have much but at the end of the day we know we can count on each other for love and support thanks to our parents.
Thank you for you time.
Brittany Williamson
BrittnJay BrittnJay
31-35, F
Dec 5, 2012