The Surprise Gifts For My Cousin Dante's Family

Ellen can you please come to NY my cosuin Dante just passed away a month ago from a car accident it was a hit and run he have three beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. I want for their christmas wish to come true thay want to go to.the jingle ball concert as a christmas gift. They really need this becuse they really don't have money. Their father which is my blood cousin was the only provider for his family because his wife have a heart condition. His daughters are really good in school. Our family are going through a lot in this tragic accident. They still haven't found the person that hit him with their car and left him like that. We came out from the news a lot. My cousin was a good role model he was a noble guy and he adore his family a lot. Please come to NY to surprise them. This will mean the world to us. MY name is Elena Flores. This is my phone number please call me. 7327492266. This gifts is for his family.
EleFlore1 EleFlore1
Dec 11, 2012