A Life Of A Caregiver

Hello! I am nacole Calhoun from pawleysisland, sc. I am writing to you for my step mother Carla Schuhman. Our story is a very long one to tell, but 3 yr ago my father was in a bike wreck and has been in many surgeries and is alot of care! My grandmother also lives with them who needs care and our 16 yr. old dog Sadi is not doing well who Carla also cares for! She cares for so much that it is hard for her to work! Carla is the most selfless person who goes above what she can do forAnyone not just our family! You could ask anyone and they will say the same! I am not sure what I am tring to say, she has been fighting to hold on to her home in which she care for our family in this home and is set up for them! So for her to lose this home they would have no where to go! We have never asked for anything and so I am because she is a great person and I would love to help her but I to live pay check to check so my help is coming over to do chores and help with what ever! This is our last hope that she want lose her home so she can care for our loved ones before they go! She only want to be by there side until the end! Please if you or anyone can help us , we would be so happy that Carla want have to stress everyday if the house is going to go and they have nowhere to go! Please from the daughter of a caregiver!! My brother passed 2 yrs ago and my half brother 3 months ago it has been a long ride for us all . I just hope someone could please help her! Thank you even if you can't thank you for just reading some of our story !! Thanks! Nacole Calhoun
Nacolecalhoun Nacolecalhoun
Dec 12, 2012