My Life

Dear Ellen, my name is Alanna for 5 years my back and neck has been hurting , I didn't know why til 3 mnths ago. I found out I have lupus and fybromyalgia In january I started recieving Disability, im trying hard to pay my bills rent. I can hardly get up cuase of my pain in my back, my neck swells up alot. The doctor said i have 6 herniated disks 3 on my lower back thats pushing on my spine and thats why i have pain in my back its pushing on my nerves. Its horrible pain. And my 8 yr old daughter is growing everyday she is so special to me. I can't even afford cloths for her, or christmas presents. I dont even have a tree up. My daughter really wants one, i just can't afford it. My husband barely works he lost his job in 2011. A Friend lets him work with him some days. But not enough. Im starting to give up. My car well its a 1990 over heats it spills water my husband has spent 500 on fixing are car. And it still brakes down. It will drive 2 minutes then it will turn off and it takes 30 minutes to get anywhere. I use the car for day to day activitys. Please Ellen i need your help alot of help. My number is 832-894-2541 Im tired of suffering alone. Im overwhelmed with bills and life issues its too much. Thank u for reading.
josesolis josesolis
Dec 14, 2012