My Story Has Touched Hearts In Virginia, Oklahoma, Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, And More. I Want Ellen To Read This.

My name is Kia O'Donnell, I am 15 years old. I oppose bullying. I have been bullied for about the last 8 months.
I was new to a different school, my first thought was to make friends as soon as possible. Well, I did. I got in with the wrong crowd. I changed to "fit in" with them. I did things I never thought I would. I met a guy, a guy who was about 4 years older than me. We started talking, and eventually became a "thing" this wasn't the crowd that I wanted to be in, but it was the crowd that I thought would only accept me. I fell head over heals for this guy, knowing age did matter, but not caring. I gave up my virginity to him, hoping he would stick around after and be everything we talked about being. Well to make a long story short, he didn't. I got multiple unknown phone calls, calling me a "****", telling me I was only a one night stand to him, I was ugly, fat, I needed to kill myself, and etc. A twitter page was made about me. It was called "I hate Kia" The tweets were horrible. They told me to drink bleach and lay in a corner and die, they told me I was gross, I was a "****", and multiple other nasty things. I was lying to my mom to stay the night with him, telling her I was other places. Eventually a friend called my mom and informed her of what I was doing, and whom I was doing it with. At first I hated my friend for doing this, for telling my mom. But in the end I knew it was only to protect me. Well soon enough, I had no friends. I would get shoulder checked in the hall way, they would tweet about me, text me mean things, and talk bad and make fun of me at school. I have thought about suicide many times. I mean I ask myself "Why am I even here?" all the time. Things got to the point that I cried myself to sleep every night for 4 months straight. My mom was devastated she didn't know what to do to help me, but she did try. I cried on her shoulder many of times. My step-dad was there, when I collapsed on the floor telling him I wanted to die, I didn't need to be here, he held me, and promised things would be okay. My 4 year old sister would cuddle with me and tell me that she loved me and needed me. &that is why I am still here, because of my family. I did inform the school about what was happening and that only got me called a "snitch" as I walked down the hallways, and dirty looks every chance they got. I have been called fat, I eat once a day at that's at school because if I don't people think I have an eating disorder. I weigh 114 pounds and I am 5'5. I do want to be smaller, and people called me dumb and stupid for wanting to be. but I am sick of being called fat. In all of this, I am just trying to say don't let what others say to you, hurt you. Stand tall, never stoop down to their level, they are just another face in the crowd. & now, as I have maybe 8 friends, I am happy again. Please always be strong, and get help if you don't think you can. God is always with you take a second and pray for help, I promise you will get it. ♥ My name is Kia O'Donnell and I oppose bullying.
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Thank you it means a lot. Just want Ellen to read it, I want her to read this an help young girls and boys that go through what I did. I just want to help.

And thats a very good start helping is the first step to hopefully diminishing the problem. Just keep moving forward :).

Bravo to u.... My heart sinks into my stomach when I hear of bullying getting so out of hand. I do believe it is the reason why so many younger kids take their own lives. And I ask myself where are their parents and why don't they evolve themselves more in knowing what their kids are really up to. And the very sad part of it is now its everywhere just like the twitter page. It should have never went that far. For the most part anyone and everyone makes mistakes. No body's perfect. Keep your head up and focus on a big bright future. Know within yourself u will be better than them someday. And the outcome will shock you.