This Is For My Sister

Hi, my name is stephanie pachas and I live in Australia. My sister is 17 years old
Going on to 18 and she has been watching your show for a few years now she fell in love with it and has always wanted to go but my parents are divorced and my mum is struggling at home with 2 girls I wanted to save up money to take her to your show for her birthday June 19 but I don't have a job and have been looking for one for 2 years now all I want is to make her happy and that is to take her your show or try and get her to see one direction as that is her favorite boy band but no matter what I do no matter how hard I try I can't make it happen. She wanted to see you when you came to Australia but your not filming in on once place when she heard this she was upset. I really want to try someone get to America just so she can see you but I don't think that will ever happen with the way we are going. I hope one day I can succeed in getting her to your how. Thanks for hearing about what I have to say.
Stephhhhh Stephhhhh
Jan 12, 2013